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We cherish the memories of our wedding at Elkins Community Church. After 20 years, what we remember the most about it was the close-knit sense of family that we experienced during our ceremony. It was a beautiful moment in a beautiful small town church. If we had it to do all over again, we wouldn’t change a thing.
— M. Warren
Elkins Community Church has three distinctive denominational traditions – Presbyterian, Methodist, and Baptist – that relate beautifully. They have a wonderful spirit of generosity that touches the congregation, the local community, and human needs beyond the local area. This church is a loving fellowship of believers who have developed a unique unity within a wide diversity.

I commend to you the Elkins Community Church as a marvelous model of genuine Christian fellowship.
— Rev Dr. T.O. Spicer, Jr. former pastor
Walking into a new church can be scary. With a small church, it is doubly so because there is no place to hide.
Do not worry about this with Elkins Community Church – you are simply meeting the friends you didn’t realize you had.
This church community is spunky, loving and authentic. I loved worshiping with the congregation, but their church potlucks were sacred community events- so much food and fellowship, laughter and love.
— Rev. Susan Rose, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) former pastor

Sunday, September 8th, we ordinated and installed ruling elders, George Graham and Bill Warren. Ruling elder and Clerk of Session Joel Bunch assisted CRE Mary Shaw with the service.

L - R: George Graham, CRE Mary Shaw, Bill Warren, and Joel Bunch

Sunday, September 8th, we

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